Tree & Shrub Care Protection in Hamburg, West Falls, Orchard Park, NY

Tree and Shrub Spraying

Tree & Shrub Care Protection in Hamburg, West Falls, Orchard Park, East Aurora, NY and all surrounding areas

Disease, insects and other pests can threaten and harm the health of the trees and shrubs in your landscaping. A slight defoliation or leaf drop due to fungi, bacteria, or insects can weaken a shrub or tree substantially. Haskell Tree Service offers a large variety of tree care and tree spraying services. We will assess your tree's individual needs to provide individualized service. Haskell Tree Service caters to your tree's needs. We use protectants when necessary, rather than eradicants.

Dormant and Foliar Sprays

Dormant Sprays

Dormant sprays are applied to trees and shrubs to control mites and insects such as scales, mealy bugs, aphids, and certain caterpillars early in the spring when trees are dormant (before leaves). They are applied to the trunk, stems, and branches. A dormant oil spray works by covering and smothering eggs or young mites before they mature and become a problem.

Foliar Sprays

Foliar sprays are applied when trees are in leaf and are meant to control numerous leaf-feeding insects, such as inch worms, birch leaf miners, spruce gall aphids, and many types of scale mites and aphids, all of which either chew, suck, or mine leaves. These destroy the efficiency of the tree, causing dieback off branches and in many cases, the death of the entire tree.

Soil Injections

These are done to reduce the risk of exposure to chemicals sprayed on trees and are absorbed by the tree's root system, providing control of diseases and insects safely and economically.

Fungicide Sprays & Injections

These target fungal pathogens on leaves or fruit. It should be applied in spring when leaves begin to emerge and again approximately 10 - 15 days later; sometimes a third application is required. An example is apple scab on crabapples and anthracnose on sycamores. Both cause leaves to brown and fall prematurely.

Special Sprays & Injections

These are sprays meant to control one particular insect or disease problem such as borers, elm bark beetles, anthracnose of maples and sycamores, and numerous individual problems.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Spray Summary

All materials used are registered and licensed by the EPA. Our pesticide applicators and assistants are highly-trained professionals controlled through rigid exams and licensed programs by the Department of Environmental Conservation of New York State.


Microinjections are pressurized capsules that place pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizer directly into the vascular system of the tree. They are used in areas where hydraulic spray apparatus cannot be used, like close proximity to other buildings or a neighbor that might have a sensitive allergic reaction to certain pesticides or fungicides. The contents of each capsule are injected directly into the tree. Also with certain disease and insect pests, injections can do a much better job.