Plant Health Care

Keeping Your Trees Healthy & Green

Soil injection is a direct method to deliver treatments to tree systems. Injections are absorbed directly by the root system of the tree, providing control of diseases and insects throughout the entire tree. These treatments are a safe and economical alternative to chemical sprays. We service West Falls, Orchard Park, East Aurora, NY and surrounding areas!

Fertilization western new york


We use a liquid injection that is chelated to break down under bacterial soil action, giving it the qualities of a slow release and allowing it to last for two years. All proper nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and trace minerals, are included in our soil injections. Many other companies use a urea-based solution that, after heavy rain or persistent water movement, is leached from the soil very quickly in addition to having a very short residual value. Our chelated nutrients are a solid in suspension form with water, and when introduced to the soil profile, it binds very quickly to the organic matter, making it very difficult to be leached or washed away. Fertilization increases a tree's immune system (compartmentalization) making it easier for the tree's systems to fight both insects and disease.

The process of fertilization also aerates the soil, providing much needed air for osmosis. The process also helps break up compacted soil under construction stress. We can either provide a deep soil injection to reach the root system or a microinjection directly into the trunk to reach the vascular system.

Seasonal Treatments

A natural treatment is applied to your trees and/or shrubs to protect against winter damage and transplant stress. A very important treatment for boxwood, little leaf hollies, and rhododendrons.

Fall Deer Repellent (FDR)
A taste and smell deterrent is applied to deer-susceptible plant material that offers up to four months of protection. This can be a great tool to bring back ravaged arborvitae hedges and planting screens.

Fall through Spring Deep Root Fertilization
A proprietary blend of solid fertilizers held in a suspension of water is injected into the root zone of specific ornamental trees and shrubs. By far the best value for your dollar and the best treatment for the long-term health of any tree. Also, DRF can alleviate construction stress and root damage caused by soil compaction. In extreme conditions of stress, DRF can turn around a declining or stressed tree, aiding in fighting off insects and disease.

We offer a free assessment of the condition of your trees and whether or not fertilization is the best option.

Pest Management for your Property

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

This is an effective and environmentally-friendly treatment to pest management that relies on common-sense practices. Using current, comprehensive information on pests' life cycles and the way they interact with the environment, we are able to use this information to manage pest damage economically, while minimizing the hazards to people, property, and the environment.

This approach can be applied to either agricultural or non-agricultural settings like home, garden or workplace. IPM employs all pest management options, including judicious use of pesticides. By contrast, organic food production applies many of the same concepts, limited to the use of natural pesticides.