Expert Trimming, Pruning and Removals in West Falls, Hamburg & Orchard Park, NY

General Tree Work

Expert Trimming, Pruning and Removals in West Falls, Hamburg, Orchard Park, East Aurora, NY and all of Western NY

Tree pruning involves many different objectives. Removing deadwood from trees is probably the most obvious pruning technique. Deadwood is an entry port into the tree for viral, fungal, bacterial pathogens, borers, carpenter ants, and termites. There is also the physical danger of large deadwood falling on people or property. Another aspect of tree pruning is hazardous limb removal. Sometimes limbs can grow very fast and not have enough support strength to withstand high winds, snow, or ice. If these limbs are over power lines or roofs, they can break and cause expensive damage.

Trees are sometimes cut back in height to prevent breakage, especially with certain species that have a tendency to grow quickly with not enough strength-to-weight ratio to support themselves. Thinning is done to open the interior of the tree to promote air passage so diseases cannot grow. Diseases grow much better in moist conditions. Thinning is also done to keep wind resistance down to prevent trees from blowing over.

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