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Meet the owner of Haskell Tree Service Inc.

Greg Haskell has been the owner of Haskell Tree Service Inc. since 1970. He was the first CT Licensed Arborist in Western New York and has been a Licensed Arborist since 1973.

  • #6-1697 ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)
  • Certified Arborist #NE-0340 New York Arborist Association Member

Licensed Versus Certified Arborists:

Licensed Versus Certified Arborists:


To be licensed, the applicant must:

  • Be able to identify all common trees found in the region in their summer and winter condition.
  • Know the normal healthy form of the tree and its appearance and rate of growth under normal and abnormal conditions.
  • Know the suitability of trees to different sites.
  • Know the factors involved in maintaining tree health and appearance and how to anticipate and control or prevent damage from various causes.
  • Understand the functions of the various parts of the tree, such as leaves, bark, wood, roots, etc.
  • Be able to determine if these functions are being properly performed.
  • Recognize the symptoms and causal agents responsible for injuries, abnormalities, and weaknesses.
  • Know the relative susceptibility of different tree species to injurious agents.

The examination process for the CT Arborist License is a nine-hour process consisting of written exams, field identifications, and oral examination.


To be certified, the applicant must complete a 90-minute multiple choice examination, requiring a generalized knowledge of tree health and area insects.