Our Insurance

Insurance information for residents in Western NY

Only fully-insured companies can safely provide you with quality work and peace of mind from the possibility of a large lawsuit involving yourself, neighbors, or employees.

The types of insurance that protect you include the following:

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

  1. We carry workers' compensation for your protection and ours.
  2. Most homeowners' policies will not cover an employee of a contractor that is injured while working on your property.
  3. Workers' compensation is required by law in New York State, but many tree services do not carry Workers' Compensation because of the large expense involved. Unfortunately, many companies will say and advertise that they are fully insured when they are not.
  4. The only way to prove a company is insured is to request a Certificate of Insurance. These certificates do not cost anything and only require a phone call to have one sent directly to your home. They will specify what that company is insured to do and the date of its coverage.

  1. Liability insurance will pay for any damage that can occur while a reputable company is working on your property or surrounding properties. If an accident should occur, an insured company can have someone there to repair any damages at no cost to you.
  2. If a company is not insured, legal fees for chasing a disreputable company can cost much more than the damage itself and can also result in tremendous lawsuits.
  3. Make sure the company working on your property has proper liability insurance and is insured for what it is doing, e.g., a tree service being insured for tree work, tree removal, pruning, topping, etc. and not landscaping or gutter repair or excavating. If a company is doing work it is not properly insured to do and an accident occurs, it will not be covered by the insurance carrier.
  4. As with workers' compensation, you should request a Certificate of Insurance for liability from the insurance company for you to have and keep on file for your protection.
  5. Make sure the amount of insurance is enough to protect you from a large claim. Some companies may only carry a $20,000 liability policy, which may not be enough to cover even the smallest claims.

At Haskell Tree Service Inc., we carry $2,000,000.00 of liability insurance and workers' compensation and provide certificates on request.